• Bristol County Agricultural High School invites you to participate in our annual Spring Expo on Saturday, May 9, 2020.  You may be familiar with Bristol Aggie’s Fall Show which draws over 5,000 visitors annually. While the annual Fall Show spotlights the talents and hard work of our Aggie students, this Spring Expo is all about you!  The Spring Expo was created to feature businesses, organizations, and agencies engaged in agriculture, conservation, environmental, plant and animal products, sciences and/or the enjoyment of the outdoors. Organizations are welcome to display products and or services, sell produce, merchandise, memberships, tickets, distribute promotional materials and/or educate the public. The Spring Expo was created to promote those who “do what we do” and our students hope to do.  Spring Expo exhibitor spaces are available at $40 for a 4’ x 8’ indoor space which includes a 6ft table (limited number) and two chairs.  Outdoor spaces may be much larger, but still cost only $40.  Alumni business owners receive a 20% discount and members of the school’s Program Advisory Board receive a complimentary space. The campus will be open to exhibitors at 8:00 AM on the day of the Spring Expo for setting up of exhibit spaces and will open to the public at 10:00 AM. Public interest in sustainable agricultural, environmental issues, outdoor careers is surging! We are extremely excited to host and support you, our community agricultural partners, at the upcoming Bristol Aggie Spring Expo!  To register as an exhibitor, visit our website and complete the online form or complete and return a hard copy of the registration form with payment.   Please make checks out to BCAHS with “Spring Expo” in the memo space.







    Scott Rose

    Foreman and Spring Expo Coordinator

    Bristol County Agricultural School

    135 Center St. Dighton, MA 02715


    VENDORS:  Would you like to promote your business, organization, or agency at the Spring Expo?  Complete this registration form! Or access the forms below, print and mail to:


    Attn: Spring Expo

    135 Center Street,

    Dighton, MA 02715